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Modern American Mixed Martial Arts is the longest established MMA school on the Peninsula.  We are a family friendly team first school that excels in MMA, BJJ, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Kids Programs,  Fitness, and Self Defense.  From beginners to Pros, everyone is held at the same regard.  ONE ROOF..... ONE TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Submission Grappling or No Gi Grappling is similar to wrestling.  However, your goal, isn't to pin your opponent but rather submit your opponent.  Submission Grappling is a point based system that uses joint locks, cranks, and chokes.  Submission grappling is the most popular for the sport of MMA.


Muay Thai, also known as the ART OF EIGHT LIMBS, is also the national sport of Thailand,  as well as, the most devastating striking art on the planet.  It is characterized, by the use of, fist, elbows, knees, and shins.  Being associated with a good physical preparation that makes a full contact fighter very efficient.


Whether you are interested in Free Style, Folk style, or Greco Roman we have you covered. Our Coaching staff consist of over 25 years of wrestling experience. The accolades include: 25+ State Titles in all three forms. We have represented Teams Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Illinois, as well as Junior Olympic Champions. Head Coach Nick White has personally coached 17 VA State Champions, As well as, one of seven 4X State Champs of Virginia.


This boot camp was designed around a MMA Fighters class. Whether you are trying to lose weight, build strength, or get into better shape. You will not find a more perfect program. It is completely scalable for all shapes and sizes and all levels of fitness. If you are ready to make a physical change in your life, this program is for you.


This program is for anyone and everyone.  However, more female dominated than any other class.  The focus is Japanese Jiu Jitsu.  While named the gentle art, it is made to break, mam, or kill.  The system focuses on all aspects of self defense.  Wether it be unwanted tough, striking, take downs, or ground fighting, this system will teach you to defend yourself in all aspects.  This is by far the most important class any woman/man can take for total self defense.


Practicing yoga only a couple times a week can increase muscle strength, flexibility and balance, improve your range of motion, boost your endurance, increase your metabolism and give your heart, lungs and blood vessels a tune up.  We offer vinyasa style yoga from beginner to intermediate levels, for adult and teenage women and men. 


Kids Program is submission grappling based.  Teaches children ages 4-12 discipline, strength building, agility, coordination, as well as self defense. This program is guaranteed to turn any child into a better athlete.


It is our belief that all children should be active. After all active kids are healthier kids!! In our after school program there is no sitting around watching TV or playing video games. The program is completely interactive with the other children and the staff. Our system will improve strength, coordination, balance, self-esteem, stamina, teamwork, and overall self defense. This program guarantees to make your child a better athlete while he/she has fun!

Pick Up from: Sanford, B C Charles, Denbeigh ECC, and Jenkins. Bus Stop for Nelson  and Denbeigh ECC



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Women's Boot Camp


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